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Rhode&Schwarz UPV advanced audio analyser – used for all measurememts.


With volume at maximum, headphone output measured 1.8V, enough to go very loud with all headphones, including insensitive high quality magnetic planars. Switched to Line mode, output measured 1.4V, less than a CD player but enough to drive any line input. 

Dynamic Range (EIAJ) measured 117dB with high-resolution (24bit) digital via both headphone and Line outputs, a high value for a portable. Switching Line from analogue to digital allows an external hi-fi DAC to be used, where 120-125dB is possible with good modern designs.

Distortion was very low at 0.02%, as shown in our analysis. No distortion components are visible so ‘distortion’ here is noise, even though a narrow band harmonic-only analysis was used. 

Frequency response, with 192kHz sample rate files, reached 34kHz before a slow roll away to the 96kHz upper half-sample-rate limit.

In all, the X7 with AM1 module produced a good measured performance all round. It can drive high-quality headphones and has sufficient dynamic range to exploit the improvement offered by hi-res digital files. NK



Frequency response (-1dB)    4Hz-34kHz


Distortion (24bit)

0dB                                                 0.003%

-60dB                                                0.02%

Separation (1kHz)                         101dB

Noise (IEC A)                               -115dB

Dynamic range                             117dB

Output (headphone)                        1.8V


FREQUENCY RESPONSE (192kHz sample rate)



DISTORTION (24bit, -60dB)





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