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Our review sample of the X7 was, judging by its firmware, an early unit. Even with a firmware upgrade to FW1.8 its USB DAC function was unavailable – puzzling. Since the microUSB OTG Standard had 5 pins, as per standard and not 11 as claimed, I wonder whether this had something to do with it. There are mysteries here that needing sorting out with the factory when they return from Chinese New Year.

Our X7 sounded smooth, full-bodied and sweetly detailed but pace and punch were lacking with over-ear headphones. However using good quality in-ear monitors things were markedly different and the FiiO proved a sterling performer. 

It remains to be seen whether the currently unavailable Medium Power (AM2), High Power (AM4) and Balanced (AM3) modules will have more to offer for users of different headphones.

The optional K5 dock adds scale for an extra £99 but not subtlety. 

The X7 is a complex design that tries to meet all requirements. It is for those who want a web browser, Bluetooth, VU meter apps and such like, all of which its Android operating system make possible. 


FiiO X7 player £500


FiiO K5 DOCK £96



OUTSTANDING - amongst the best. 


VALUE - keenly priced



An ambitiously designed player with complex options but fragmented user interface. Good sound for IEMs from AM1 module. 



- build quality

- big screen

- output amp options



- no USB DAC function

- no dock balanced headphone

- big

- heavy




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