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The Legacy has a flat response to 20kHz our graph shows, with just the smallest peak at 10kHz. On inner grooves tracing loss was a little higher than rivals in this group.
    Tracking was good at low frequencies (300Hz) and superb in the midband where the Legacy cleared 25cms/sec with ease. The Legacy should sound relaxed under all circumstances, with mistracking rarely occurring.
    Vertical tracking angle was high at 30degrees and this raised distortion on vertical modulation to 4.5%, higher than most, but not all rivals. Channel separation was also on the low side at 21dB, just enough for satisfactory stereo.
     Output was very low, measuring 0.25mV at 5cms/sec rms. The Legacy will need a quiet preamplifier if hiss is to go unnoticed. It is only beaten by the Denon in this group for low output.
     The Legacy measured well in many areas, except high VTA which produced distortion, and low output. It will sound tonally even and track securely. NK

Tracking force                   1.75gms
Weight    8gms
Vertical tracking angle      30degrees
Frequency response        20Hz - 20kHz
Channel separation          21dB
Tracking ability (300Hz)
lateral                               90µm
vertical                             45µm
lateral (1kHz)                    25cms/sec.
Distortion (45µm)
lateral                               1%
vertical                              4.5%
Output (5cms/sec rms)     0.25mV




Red - inner grooves



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