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The Rondo Blue tracks at a high-ish 2.3gms and clears most tracking tests at this force, almost tracking a top 90µm track at 300Hz and managing to track a high 24cms/sec at 1kHz. Applying the 2.5gms maximum gets it through all tracks – a very good result.
    Frequency response was flat right out to 20kHz, but with a slight fall above 5kHz, just enough to give a soft or easy balance. Inner groove tracing losses added to this, resulting in pronounced treble fall on inner grooves.
    The vertical tracking angle measured 25 degrees. As a result distortion was low at 3% on vertical modulation, mostly second and third harmonics. Output was healthy at 0.82mV at 5cms/sec rms so the Rondo Blue will work with budget MC phono stages that are hissy and have low gain.
The Rondo Blue measures well but it will have a mild sound balance compared to many rivals. NK

Tracking force    2.3gms
Weight    10.5gms
Vertical tracking angle    25degrees
Frequency response    20Hz - 20kHz
Channel separation    28dB
Tracking ability (300Hz)
lateral    85µm
vertical    45µm
lateral (1kHz)    24cms/sec.
Distortion (45µm)
lateral    1.1%
vertical    3%
Output (5cms/sec rms)    0.82mV




Red - inner grooves



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