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Rohde&Schwarz UPV advanced audio analyser, used for all measurements.




Frequency response of the Opus 2 (192kHz sample rate) measured flat to a very high 91kHz so this is a wideband device, more so than most other players. However, the audible impact of such wide bandwidth is usually minimal, slower filtering commonly offering a better damped time domain impulse result. This is why players commonly have an alternative ‘slow’ filter, something the Opus 2 lacks. 

   Output was healthy at 2.3V, more than enough to drive even insensitive headphones (magnetic planars) loud, if a little less than the 3V common nowadays. Dynamic range was high at 116dB, if not as high (120dB) as the Cowon Plenue S reviewed in March 2017 issue, so the Opus 2 is very good but not quite class leading, as might be hoped at the price. Distortion measured a low 0.035% at -60dB with 24bit and 0.24% with 16bit – both very good figures. Our distortion analysis shows a complete absence of distortion products, being a summation of noise. 

   Output from the tiny 2.5mm four pole balanced socket measured 2.6V and dynamic range was again 116dB.



Frequency response       6Hz-91Hz

Separation                              94dB

Noise                                   -114dB

Distortion                            0.035%

Dynamic range (24bit)         116dB

Output                                    2.3V









DYNAMIC RANGE  (55.8+60=116dB)







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