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Rhode&Schwarz UPV – used for all measurements.




With volume at maximum, headphone output measured 1.6V, enough to go very loud with all headphones, including insensitive high-quality magnetic planars. Switched to Line mode, output measured 1.5V, less than a CD player but enough to drive any line input. 

   Dynamic Range (EIAJ) measured a healthy 110dB (111dB Line) with high resolution 24bit) digital, usefully above the 103dB achieved by CD.

Distortion was low at 0.1%, as shown in our analysis. No distortion components are visible so ‘distortion’ here is noise, even though a narrow band harmonic-only analysis was used. 

Frequency response, with 192kHz sample rate files, reached 34kHz before a slow roll away to the 96kHz upper half-sample-rate limit.

In all, the little X1 can drive high-quality headphones and has sufficient dynamic range to exploit the improvement offered by hi-res digital files. NK


Frequency response (-1dB)        4Hz-34kHz

Distortion 24bit                                       (%)

0dB                                                     0.003

-60dB                                                      0.1

Separation (1kHz)                             102dB

Noise (IEC A)                                   -109dB

Dynamic range                                  110dB

Output (Phono/XLR)                            1.6V




FREQUENCY RESPONSE (192kHz sample rate)





DISTORTION  (24bit, -60dB)




DYNAMIC RANGE  (24bit, -60dB)) 50.556+60= 110dB




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