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All measurements were made with our Rohde&Schwarz UPV, the world's most advanced audio analyser.


Frequency response of the FiiO X3 via its analogue headphone and line output extends to 70kHz with 192kHz sample rate digital, our analysis shows, so the DAC and output amplifier exploit the benefits of 192kHz sample rate.
    The digital output down-sampled 192kHz to 96kHz, limiting analogue bandwidth to 48kHz – no disaster, but a surprise. This wasn’t cured by firmware update to 2.05.
    With gain set to High, the headphone output gave a massive 2.9V at full volume (60), higher than CD players (2V) and too much for most headphones. With gain at Low it gave 1.4V.
    Distortion at 0dB was low at 0.002%, rising to 0.06% at -60dB with 24bit. These are low values for a portable at full gain, meaning the headphone output delivers high quality audio. One small drawback was that as volume was wound down noise in the following output amplifier adversely affected the player’s dynamic range. At full volume the EIAJ Dynamic Range value with 24bit was a healthy 111dB, but this value decreased as volume was turned down.
    The Line output is unaffected by the volume control, having a fixed output of 1.7V and similar performance to the headphone output. This is suitable for driving a hi-fi amplifier.
    The X3 measures well enough to complement high resolution digital audio through its headphone or Line outputs. It has no major weaknesses, downsampling to 96kHz being a minor limitation. NK

Frequency response (-1dB)
192k                5Hz -70kHz

Distortion (24bit)    (%)
0dB                    0.002
-60dB                  0.06

Separation (1kHz)           95dB
Noise (IEC A)               -110dB
Dynamic range (EIAJ)    111dB
Output                              2.9V


FREQUENCY RESPONSE, 192k sample rate


DISTORTION, 24bit, -60dB


DYNAMIC RANGE   (EIAJ, –51.068dB – 60dB = –111dB)





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