We measure the performance of loudspeakers comprehensively using, as far as possible, conventional industry methods. Our aim is to produce data that is accepted by large, well equipped manufacturers as representative of their product’s performance, and also not be misleading to our readers.

We discuss testing and design with engineers from around the world, when we visit them and they visit us. There is wide understanding of our measurements as a result, and confidence in their efficacy. Many senior design engineers have visited our facilities and watched testing carried out first hand (and looked in awe at all the data our measurement computer carries on hundreds of their competitors products!).

Tests are carried out in a 28ft square concrete room, with a basic mode at 24Hz. Most tests are made using the popular Clio measurement system, from Audiomatica of Italy, housed in a dedicated, transportable Shuttle computer. Measuring microphones are Bruel and Kjaer 2230 Precision Integrating SPL meter with Type 4189 capsule, and Clio measuring microphone.



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