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Frequency response of the Dancer Mini-Two measured flat right across the audio band, our pink noise analysis shows. Although forward output from the bass units falls away below 50Hz, like most ported loudspeakers, the port takes over and provides strong output down to 20Hz, the red trace of port output shows. Port output is broad so it damps the bass units well and this reflects back into the impedance curve, keeping the residual peaks small. All of which suggests strong bass of good quality, and likely firm subsonics.  

Integration between the twin bass/midrange units and the Diamond tweeter was good with just the slightest dip at 4kHz revealing the high crossover frequency. This means the bass/mids cover a very wide frequency range but a 200mS decay analysis showed low levels of coloration generally, if an overhang at 3kHz likely from the dust caps. The tweeter in particular looks very clean in output and Usher have pushed resonance up to 19kHz – higher than that of rivals; the small lift at 10kHz is not due to resonance our decay analysis showed.

Phase matching of the D’Appolito arrangement was vertically consistent as expected; moving the measuring microphone up and down showed little change. Lateral dispersion was wide too so the Mini-Two will sound the same wherever it is heard.

Sensitivity was high at 89dB Sound Pressure Level from one nominal Watt of input (2.84V), if not as high as some large floor standers. A 4 Ohm bass unit has been used and so the impedance curve dips down to 4 Ohm minima. Overall measured impedance was 6.5 Ohms, so this is nominally a 6 Ohm loudspeaker. There is some reactance in the midband that a Zobel network might usefully have cured but otherwise the Mini-Two is a fairly easy load, but it will draw LF current, like many modern loudspeakers so needs a robust amplifier.

The Mini-Two gets a lot from its two-way drive unit arrangement. The bass/mids run high and the Diamond tweeter’s layered construction pushes resonance out to 19kHz; other Diamond tweeters resonate at 15kHz, giving artificially enhanced treble. The Usher tweeter avoids this effect. The Mini-Two has very wide bandwidth as a result and should deliver a smooth, clean and accurate sound in use. NK



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