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Measurements by Rohde&Schwarz UPV audio spectrum analyser



Quad's Vena II produced 55 Watts into 8 Ohms and 72 Watts into 4 Ohms, identical results to the first Vena – and enough to go very loud in most systems. 

Output rolled down slowly above 20kHz (-1dB at 30kHz) in Quad fashion, ensuring easy treble; low frequency output rolled down below 10Hz.

Gain from the analogue line inputs (Aux1,2) is low at 500mV (0.5V) for full output – enough for silver disc players (2V).

   The optical S/PDIF digital input worked to 192kHz sample rate, again frequency response rolled down early, to 26kHz (-1dB). The electrical input gave identical results. Vena II has an ESS9018 Sabre32 Series digital-to-analogue convertor (DAC) that gave a very high 117dB EIAJ Dynamic Range value from the loudspeaker outputs and 118dB from the Pre-out – excellent figures, well above original Vena.

   USB topped out at 24/384kHz and frequency response with 24/192 PCM was flat to 41kHz (-1dB), a tad higher than S/PDIF. EIAJ Dynamic Range remained a high 118dB, USB adding no noise – and distortion measured 0.02%, like S/PDIF.  Bluetooth had a respectable 99dB Dynamic Range – similar to CD. 

   The MM phono stage needed a normal 4.5mV for full output and overload was high at 53mV. Quad roll gain down below 20Hz to lessen loudspeaker cone flap from LP warps Noise was low at -79dB.

   The Vena II amp measures like the original but the digital inputs have stepped up to high current standards. The MM phono stage measures well too, as does Bluetooth. A fine all-round performance. NK


Power                                      55W

Frequency response               10Hz-31kHz

Distortion (10kHz, 1W)            0.02%

Separation (1kHz)                  91dB

Noise (IEC A)                         -112dB

Sensitivity                                500mV



Frequency response              4Hz-26kHz

Distortion (-60dB, 24bit)          0.02%

Dynamic range                      118dB



Frequency response              20Hz-20kHz

Distortion (1kHz, 5mV in)        0.03%

Separation (1kHz)                 68dB

Noise (IEC A)                        -79dB

Sensitivity                              4.5mV

Overload                               53mV









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