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Deeply detailed, evenly balanced across the audio range with no undue light, in any one area, and disturbingly forceful, Electrocompaniet's Nemo monoblock power amplifiers are a solid-state spectacular. If you want a power house that combines force with finesse then these are the amplifiers to choose. You will need a big pocket of course, bulging arm muscles and chunky floor joists to withstand their weight. They'll work well with just about anything I can think of, but with B&W's Nautilus on the end of these monsters, I'll wager you'd end up with oceanic force.

verdict five globes

Building shaking power combined with an even, finessed delivery.



+44 (0)20 8893 5835


- jaw-dropping subsonics

- smooth, even delivery

- richly detailed


- size and weight

- awkward power switch


If you are rich enough to afford the Electrocompaniet Nemo monoblocks, then I would suggest you are rich enough to need them. How so? Simply because they are too enormous to fit anything except a large room - and a large room requires large loudspeakers and an amplifier that can drive them with intent! As such, valve amplifiers cannot apply; rather, you need a really clean and smooth pair of solid-staters such as these.

Massive power, incredible resolution and a smoothness that starts from subsonic frequencies and goes all the way up to the province of bat chit-chat - that's the Nemo. They cast a revealing light on a recording, showing its every detail, nuance and fault - yet deliver it to the speakers with unflappable ease. The result is a fascinating listen - and one that is unknown to most. Although surely one of the great amplifiers for classic music - with that glassy clarity and massive transient thump - I found their handling of jazz funk music most effective. Alphonse Mouzon's 'By All Means' was delivered with mind-expanding detail, breathtaking punch and incredible insight into the playing of arch ivory tinkler Herbie Hancock. This is high resolution music in its purest sense.

Still, the dub stylings of Augustus Pablo in 'King Tubby Meets Rockers Uptown' was no less of a revelation. Although the Nemos can never match the beguiling, liquid 'lilt' of a top tube amp, they more than make up for it with a bass performance the like of which sticks in the memory for weeks after. Consummately controlled, yet brilliantly articulated, they make your average PA amplifier sound like a battery powered headphone stage. Most impressive is the way the Nemos can deliver enough Watts to light up a street in such a rhythmically coherent fashion; their speed is of the essence. At the same time as serving up all that power on the beat, they lock everything else on the soundstage into place perfectly.

With superlative power, grip, dynamics and clarity, solid-state power amplification can't get much better than this. The only issue facing purchasers is how well they integrate into their systems - the Nemo's icy clarity won't flatter poor loudspeakers or suffer bad sources glady. As such, an audition is mandatory - but don't go thinking you can get 'em home on the bus if you like them! DP



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