AMC T7 £130 Jul 97 Although it has a tempting price, its sound quality is poor compared with its rivals.
Arcam Alpha 7 £230 Mar 97 An attractive, smooth sounding tuner that won't break the bank
Cambridge T500 £180 Feb 99 The T500 is one of the most gifted tuners under £500; a very accomplished all-round performer.
Denon TU-260L MkII £130 Jun 99 With its smooth, inoffensive sound and abundant facilities, the MkII is a worthy addition to the tuner line-up.
Harman/Kardon TU 950 £200 Jul 96 Sound quality is generally impressive. Let down by a rather constricted sound stage, but still good value.
Kenwood KT-2080 £130 Feb 97 Smooth, even balance allows the KT-2080 to convince with whatever itís receiving. £130 well spent.
Marantz ST-57 £150 Oct 97 The ST-57 is a smooth, warm tuner but lacks a little clarity and transparency.
Mission Cyrus FM7 £299 Apr 94 Musical, communicative and extremely detailed and a steal at the price.
NAD 412 £190 Jun 96 A remarkably musical and natural sounding tuner. Unbeatable at the price, or even twice the price for that matter.
Onkyo T401 £160 May 94 A competent machine, but time has taken its toll on the sound quality.
Rega Radio £230 Jan 95 Sounds on the whole more than its price, but in other respects it isn't especially competitive.
Rotel RT-930AX £175 Aug 94 The RT-930AX is a glowing little bargain. real quality at a very realistic price.
Sony ST-SA3ES £250 Apr 97 The Sony is worth every penny of its asking price. If you're a fan of radio this is one to go for.
Sony ST-SE700 £180 Aug 97 The ST-SE700 is one of the best at this price. LW reception is a welcome bonus.
Teac T-460 £120 Oct 99 An inexpensive and versatile tuner, difficult to fault as such. Sound quality on the dryside.
Technics ST-GT-350L £140 Jun 95 Not a bad buy at all and a very good fit for budget and mid-price systems.
Tivoli Audio Model One £99 Jun 02 Tranny, mono radio with detailed, warm sound and a truely surprising amount of bass and three dimensionality. A real eye opener!
Yamaha TX580 RDS £200 Feb 95 If you want something for casual listening with superior æsthetics, this might be the one for you.
TUNERS - £200+
Adcom GFT 555.2 £399 May 93 Quite musical but does not rejuvenate the waves! Good solid performance but less than luxurious.
Arcam Alpha 10 DRT
Jul 99 Arcam's digital radio couldn't be simpler to use. Compared with good FM the benefits are marginal as yet.
Burmester 931 £4347 Nov 94 This is not a cheap tuner, but its cheaper than buying a radio station, which is the only possible alternative.
Creek T43 £399 May 98 A great little tuner. This is the one in the price bracket. Good value and a fine sound. (updated review Feb 02)
Cyrus FM7.5 £400 Oct 99 Fine, smooth and musical; commendably simple in style and operation. Only its price counts against it.
Denon TU-S10 £400 Mar 98 A stylish, well-built tuner which has a detailed sound but needs careful partnering
Fanfare FT 1 £1350 Mar 95 Whether it's sweaty disco or symphony hall, the Fanfare comes up to scratch.
Kenwood KT-6050L £300 Oct 95 A good value, excellent sounding rds tuner, but lacks full EON facilities
Linn Kremlin £1645 Mar 92 Commendable basic performance but, considering the price there are limitations.
Linn Pekin £545 Aug 01 Good when it comes to facilities and features. The Pekin suffers from insensitivity and a slightly thin sound, although vocals are clear and detailed.
Magnum Dynalab FT101A £749 Apr 92 Worth auditioning but bass rather dry and light.
Marantz ST-17 £600 July 99 Knock-out build quality and rich velvety sound. Poor-signal mute a bit too enthusiastic.
Meridian 504 £660 Mar 96 A clear, natural sound with good punch. Has strong rivals at the price, but acquits itself well.
Micromega Tuner £700 Jul 95 An unusual design from Micromega that's well built but sonically unrewarding and expensive.
Musical Fidelity X-Plora £600 Aug 01 Natural and open, the X-Plora is at home with the likes of Radio 3 and 4 with its detailed sound.
Myryad MT100 £530 Nov 99 Low on facilities, but when it comes to looks and sonic performance, itís the business.
NAD 702 £330 Jul 94 Well worth auditioning, even if you've never previously considered a receiver.
Naim NAT 03 £499 Sep 93 Soft and pure, especially across the midband. Speech very well reproduced plus solid weighty bass.
Naim NAT 05 £725 Aug 01 A very fine tuner indeed., the NAT05 easily makes up for in sound what it lacks in facilities.
Nakamichi ST3S £350 Dec 94 Looks good, but the sound quality isn't really worth the asking price.
Pioneer F-504RDS £300 Dec 98 One sole mark against the class-leading transparency is its slightly dry character.
Pioneer F-504RDS £350 Nov 95 Well engineered and competent tuner, but a little uninspiring.
Roksan Caspian £695 Aug 01 A well built and good sounding tuner that should give many years of happy listening.
Rotel Michi RHT10 £895 Mar 94 This classy looking tuner can hold its head up high amongst the best tuners at the price.
Rotel RT-990BX £500 Apr 95 The price of twenty concert tickets, and for that you can listen as if you were there. A bargain.
TAG McLaren T20 £1100 Mar 99 Extremely well built with a lucid if slightly dry sound. The only real drawback is the high price
Thorens TRT-2000 £500 Dec 97 An otherwise competent tuner is let down by a rather processed character.


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