DVD Players
Arcam DV88 £899 Jul 01 Pricey but well engineered. The DV88 is one of the few DVD players which doubles up as a very fine hi-fi product.
Cyrus DVD7 £1000 Oct 01 One of the best sounding players around, the DVD7 is the player of choice for the discerning audiophile. PSX-R upgrade improves quality to super status.
Denon DV-939A £1200 Jul 01 A great 'universal' player that excels with CD as well as DVD video and audio formats. Pricey but extremely versitile, plus format and user friendly.
Denon DVD-1600 £499 May 02 Offering a tantalising taste of the new digital dream, this machine represents superb value for money.
Denon DVD-2500 £495 Mar 00 Good sonic compromise between murderously bright and hopelessly dull. No surround sound
Denon DVD-3000 £700 Aug 98 The Denon is a fine performer with CD and better still with 24/96.
Denon DVD-3300 £1000 Jun 01 A good CD player and even better with DVD-A. Detailed and neutral sounding, its a tad dry. Not the best build for the money.
Denon DVD-5000 £1500 Mar 99 Build is second to none. Sound is very solid convincing, but not as musical as the 3000.
Denon DVD-A1 £2499 Sep 02 Tremendously big, powerful sound, allied to supreme sophistication makes it the best DVD-A player around - at the moment!
Hitachi DVP-505E £300 Nov 00 Fine value DVD player with good if rather forward CD replay
JVC XV-D701 £500 Mar 00 Exhibits versitility but lack lustre when playing plain audio CD's.
JVC XV-SA72 £400 Sep 02 A good sounding and affordable player. Smooth and spacious sounding but lacks drive and excitement.
Kenwood DVF-R9030 £899 May 01 A great all-rounder that's good with CD's and excellent with DVD-A's. Bulky and fiddly to use, but still excellent value.
NAD T531 £330 Feb 02 Brilliant value DVD/CD hybrid with loads of useful features and a warm, smooth and musical sound.
NAD T550 £499 Oct 00 Great sound quality from CD and plays DVD video well. Lack of true 24bit/96kHz audio was disappointing.
Onkyo DV-S939 £1800 Nov 01 Not cheap but the most accomplished audio and video player around at the moment. Superb technical ability and build.
Panasonic DMR-E20 £999 Jan 02 High quality player and recorder, the DMR-E20 is a fine breakthrough machine that offers excellent value when all is considered.
Panasonic DVD-A350 £700 Jul 98 The A350 wipes out the CD-only competition at the price and threatens players up to £2000.
Panasonic DVD-L10 £1000 Nov 98 Isn't cheap, but it's an outstanding portable and a capable domestic device.
Panasonic DVD-RA61 £400 Aug 02 Warm sounding DVD player that is good with DVD-audio too but a mediocre CD performance.
Philips DVD 960 £550 Nov 00 Works well and gives good CD sound but awkward to use and does not play 24/96 properly
Philips DVD 962SA £399 Jul 02 Vivid dynamics and superb subjective 'bandwidth' make this a great audiophile player. Superb value.
Philips DVD R985 £900 Sep 02 Brilliant for its video capabilities, but don't expect it to make your existing audio system obselete.
Philips DVD R1000 £1299 Dec 01 A remarkably versatile machine that not only plays and records video but sounds good too.
Pioneer PDV-LC10 £1000 Jun 00 One of those 'must have' executive toys. Great if you can afford it.
Pioneer DV-6260 £450 Mar 00 Pleasingly musical and lively. dts and Dolby decoders are a plus.
Pioneer DV-747A £1000 Apr 02 Plays DVD-A, DVD-Video, Multichannel SACD, CD-R, CD-RW, MP3, DVD-R and DVD-RW. Phew! Superb all rounder with a dizzying array of facitilites, expensive, but top value nonetheless.
Pioneer DV-939A £1200 Nov 01 This isn't now the best value option on the market but it has good performance with DVD-A discs. Ordinary CD is good but not tip top.
Rotel RDV 995 £700 Sep 01 Not the best video player but easily one of the best sounding DVD players on the market. The one for the movie watching audiophile.
Sony DVP-S715  £700 Aug 98 The Sony is warm and smooth but lacks clarity and precision.
Sony DVP S725D £550 Mar 00 Bright sound with good detail. Surround sound, 24/96 convertor & full range of video outputs.
Sony DVP-S7700 £700 Oct 99 Looks good, sounds better. Deserves very serious consideration.
Sony PBD-V30 (portable)  £700  Jun 99 The Sony is an engrossing performer in a sturdy and attractive design.
T+A DVD 1210R £1500 Feb 01 At last, a DVD player that's also a great sounding high-end CD player. It certainly makes music its priority.
TAG McLaren 
£2999 Aug 02 An excellent digital transport without doubt, but faces stiff competition at the price.
Toshiba SD-500SE £500 Nov 01 Not the best of the bunch when it comes to music but good picture quality. Lacks focus and control with CD.
Toshiba SD-510 £400 Aug 02 Detailed DVD player which is one of the few that works well as a CD. Decent performance from all sources, but it's still not time to ditch that CD player yet!
Toshiba SD-900E £1200 Jun 01 Its not the most neutral player around but it has a very involving, exciting and controlled sound. Equally adept with any format and very well built.
Yamaha DVD S795 £530 Mar 00 Exhibits versitility but lack lustre when playing plain audio CD's.


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