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                 Measurement by Rohde & Schwarz UPV audio analyser


Frequency response measured flat to 35kHz with a 96kHz sample rate signal, our white noise analysis shows. 192kHz  is not an option.
    With a CD signal (16bit) distortion measured 0.14% at -60dB, a very low value. With a 24bit signal at -60dB, distortion sunk to 0.08%, again a low value as USB goes and our analysis shows an absence of noise. As USB goes this is a great result, supporting Epiphany's claims. The 24bit word is commonly truncated in budget products, just so it will play. Sound quality is no better – and often worse. The E-DAC is linear and well exploits the benefits, meaning low distortion and noise, of 24bit resolution.  
    Low distortion and noise both contributed to a high 112dB EIAJ Dynamic Range value with 24bit, and 102dB with 16bit. Most USB receivers are noisy, but the E-DAC is not and this is a big differentiating factor.
    The Epiphany E-DAC measured very well for a USB DAC. It is quiet, linear and has wide bandwidth, an exceptional set of figures for USB, especially at the price. NK

Frequency response (24/96)
Distortion (24bit)    
0dB    0.001
-60dB    0.08%
Separation (1kHz)     108dB
Noise (IEC A)    -111dB
Dynamic range (24bit)    112dB
Output    2V


FREQUENCY RESPONSE, 96kHz sample rate.


DISTORTION, -60dB, 24bit.


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